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How To Become Rich in Real Life FAST! | [Difference Between Rich and Poor Mentality]

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How To Become Rich in Real Life FAST!

There is a big difference between having a rich mentality and having a poor mentality.

By simply thinking rich, and acting like you are rich, you will see enormous changes to your wealth and abundance!

Many self-help gurus promise you the world when it comes to financial abundance:

“Do this to become rich!”

“Make money like this!”

“Apply this strategy to become rich!”

Everyone on the planet is constantly looking for different get rich quick schemes in order to hit the jackpot and become financially free!

However did you actually know that, there is a way to think and grow rich!

Yes the famous book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill is a timeless classic on that very subject.

It emphasises that through the power of the law of attraction you can actually attract wealth into your life.

I applied the very same metrics and can safely say the principles DO work, and can be simply mind-blowing!

For me, a large part of attracting wealth delves down to mentality.

This can be applied pretty much all walks of life, in the sense that if you believe that you are going to achieve something with all your might, it will happen.

Bob Proctor who is a leading speaker on the subject of making money come to you in abundance actually believes the following regarding money:

“Money is only used for two things.

One, it’s to make you comfortable, and the more comfortable you are the more creative you will become.

And the other purpose is it enables you to extend the service you provide far beyond your own presence.”

Believe it or not, you may be doing things without realizing it and that is effecting your wealth and financial success.

The person who sits on their ass expecting money to fall in their lap, may succeed to a degree.

They may get lucky with the lottery, or an inheritance out of nowhere.

But the people who truly think like the wealthy and successful, can and will attract amazing things into their life almost instantly.

Thinking in a poor mentality, and in the place of lack, will attract more negativity and more frequent awful outcomes into your life.

So there are fundamental and vital differences between a poor and a rich way of thinking.

If you truly wish to become rich, I suggest you change your mentality ASAP!

Here are 7 different reasons between poor and rich mentalities:

1. Poor People Watch TV – Rich People Read Books

The old advice “reading broadens your mind,” is so true.

Expanding your knowledge, beyond the niche or subjects you wish to research is how the rich become the top 1% of society.

The poor however, binge on Netflix and hardly expand their thinking.

They are too lazy to pick up a book and improve their brain power.

With more blood pumping and a brain at full capacity, you will have ideas flowing to you from the great beyond to become rich!

Remember all it ever takes to be successful is one really good idea.

2. Poor People Get Paid Based on Time – Rich People Get Paid Based on Results

When I worked in a boring admin office job, all my co-workers were clocking in and out, waiting for 5pm and praying for the weekend to come ASAP!

They hated their jobs, lacked ambition, and ultimately put in a half arsed job to bring home a mediocre salary.

Whereas the rich get paid on the hard work they do in creating products, selling, providing services, and meeting their own deadlines.

There is no time off for the rich or the entrepreneur.

They work all hours to reach their targets, and goals because the sky is truly the limit.

However the poor, their limit is 5pm, Monday to Friday.

3. Poor People Blame Others For Their Misfortunes – Rich People Take Responsibility for Their Own Failures

It is very easy to blame the government, the weather, the traffic, your boss, your spouse for all the reasons why you didn’t achieve your goals or are not financially free.

This is a very common trait amongst poor unambitious people.

However, the rich take responsibility for everything – especially their losses.

So when it goes south for them, yes they are hurt, but they knew that either it was not meant to be, OR that they didn’t properly do the work.

The rich do not let their setbacks or failures stop them, they pick themselves up and go again.

The poor give up, have a moan, and switch on the TV to watch more Netflix to pass the time.

4. Poor People Focus on Saving – Rich People Focus on Investing

How many people do you know live for today? – Almost everybody.

And whilst they are having fancy holidays and driving fast cars now, it will slowly catch up with them.

And on top of that, the poor save and save to no avail.

When a poor person retires with £100,000 in their bank, they are happy.

But also, they don’t take into account inflation and how their savings will barely last them a couple of years after retiring from their boring office job, or getting made redundant.

The rich however, invest early on.

They see the future and spread their risk by investing in real estate, shares, or businesses.

And when it comes for them to retire, they are sitting on far more in the bank, with passive income coming in from all their investments!

5. Poor People Think They Know it All – Rich People Continuously Learn

This is relatively similar to number one, where poor people do not expand their learning.

Poor people arrogantly talk as if they are experts, and they know everything regarding a subject, when they actually don’t know nothing.

Whereas rich people act like a sponge, and absorb everything.

They learn from their failures, and other peoples too.

The greatest teacher to a rich person is not success, but actually failure.

6. Poor People Believe That Money is the Root of All Evil – Rich People Believe That Poverty is the Root of All Evil

Bill Gates said: “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

Despite some people being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, poor people have just as much an opportunity to turn their life around and become financially independent.

The problem is they have been brainwashed to believe that making money is evil!

Yet the rich believe not making money, and living in poverty is more evil.

There is nothing evil about money, never has been nor will be.

7. Poor People Have a Lottery Mentality – Rich People Have an Action Mentality

Poor people think the only way they will ever become financially free is by winning the lottery or the jackpot at a casino.

Rich people have the mentality of action.

Rich people know that life is actually a lottery, and they have already won it.

The rich use the time they have to take action and they set out their actions to pay off or reward them financially.

Which mentality do you wish to have to become financially independent?

The answer is down to You!

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