SCG SHOW Reviews: Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker

In this video fresh from the cinema SCG explains several reasons why Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker is AWESOME!



The Rise of Skywalker from a very biased and one sided Star Wars fans view in my opinion was bloody awesome!

It surprises me how poorly it has done on Rotten Tomatoes, but then again these same “critics” raved about The Last Jedi, which I didn’t like at all!

Never the less here is a summary of the plot in case you didn’t know:

“When it’s discovered that the evil Emperor Palpatine did not die at the hands of Darth Vader, the rebels must race against the clock to find out his whereabouts. Finn and Poe lead the Resistance to put a stop to the First Order’s plans to form a new Empire, while Rey anticipates her inevitable confrontation with Kylo Ren.”

From here on out I will be giving away MASSIVE spoilers, so do not read anymore if you wish to avoid this.

Ok last chance….

Here we go!

These are the reasons I personally believe The Rise of Skywalker was nothing short of awesome!

John Williams score is stunning – It really couldn’t be Star Wars without this man now could it? John Williams IS Star Wars! And he bring his magic to the film with call-backs to Empire, and the other films in moments that just hit you right in the feels. Not to mention the legendary composer also makes a cameo! I love John, and seeing as this is the last ever Star Wars movie he will be composing for, it is really quite emotional to be bidding him farewell.


Palpatine is still alive – Emperor Palpatine is a badass with the force. He does force lightning, he can create life, he turned Anakin to the dark side, almost defeated Yoda, and he is extremely powerful. As menacing as Vader was to me as a child, Palpatine was purely terrifying. Bringing him back sure has its plot holes, however it’s great to see the character alive and as frightening as ever. God I love me some Palpy I do!

Rey using force lightning – As we discover Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine which is a great story arc in itself because it explains just how and why she is so powerful. So when she loses her cool as she tries to prevent a transporter from taking Chewbacca away with her force powers, she screams with rage and lightning shoots out of her fingertips blowing the cruiser to smithereens! She also believes she has killed Chewbacca in the process too. A great and powerful scene, and I loved it!

General Leia – With the passing of Carrie Fisher I found it absolutely amazing how they managed to have unused footage to place into the movie as if she was still there. It was incredibly emotional watching her as Leia again knowing she is sadly no longer with us. Rest in peace princess, you were excellent in this movie.

Lando returns – Whether you found it cheesy or not, it was sure as heck fun seeing Lando back in a Star Wars movie, and nonetheless even piloting the Millennium Falcon again in the final battle. Yes he was very old, and not in the plot much but its fan service, and I’m a sucker for it!

Kylo Ren – Adam Driver who I had never heard of before this movie you could argue was the best character and actor throughout the entire sequel trilogy. His demeanor in the film and his eventual switch to the light was terrific. I recently saw Adam in “Marriage Story” on Netflix and he blew me away. The guy is an amazing actor and I have a real love for Kylo Ren as a character. He is up there with Vader for me, so iconic and if I was to ever do cosplay, I know who I will want to be!

Po Dameron – Po was treated dreadfully in The Last Jedi as a whiny, arrogant annoying character, yet in this movie we see exactly what he was originally meant to be, a hero. Po Dameron leads the resistance fleet after Leia’s death, and I got to say Oscar Isaacs is a great actor, and I really warmed to the character more. It was also his idea to send messages out across the galaxy for help against the final order, which I thought was really cool.

Babu Frik – Move over baby Yoda, there is a new character in town, Babu Frik. Not much to say about this adorable little chap other than the fact he was hilarious, so cute and I just need more of him in my life. In fact I and my friends have been obsessed with him since the movie!


Fleet of Star Destroyers – The Final Order and the fleet of Star Destroyers was nothing short of epic to see on the big screen! Not to mention they all now had the potential to take down a planet if need be with the same power and technology of the Death Star built into their armory. Amazing!

Dark Rey – It was a nice call back to Empire when Rey confronts Dark Rey in the Death Star ruins. She looked really cool, and it was a nice touch by JJ Abrams. I like seeing Jedi either turn to the dark-side or see what could be if they were to turn, so this was a good idea to include it in the movie, especially her fighting herself too.

Han Solo’s Return – Now obviously Han couldn’t be a force ghost, but his return to ultimately allow Ben Solo to return and Kylo Ren to die was really touching. I love their relationship and you can see that Han Solo was probably not the best parent, yet he loved his son. And of course it was the same dialogue that Ben used in the Force Awakens when he stabbed his father with his lightsabre instead he chucks it into the ocean. A really touching scene.

Luke Skywalker – Redemption for Luke for how dreadfully he was portrayed in The Last Jedi. Luke is also for the first time in all the movies a force ghost too. He is happier, wiser, and more at peace in this movie. And again it’s a call back to Empire when he lifts his X-Wing out of the water, something he previously called impossible to his Master Yoda.

The Final Battle – From Rey and Ben Solo taking on Palpatine, to the resistance fleet taking on the Final Order, it was visually stunning, epic and just a great conclusion! It’s not a Star Wars movie for me without a huge battle of course, and Abrams is a master at special effects for sure.

Final Verdict – All in all, due to being so disappointed by The Last Jedi, this movie was so much better in so many ways. Whilst it does of course have its plot holes and question marks, I still thought it was terrific.

I give it an 8 out of 10 and a solid conclusion to the sequel trilogy. 


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