How to Text a Woman and BOOST Attraction | [ Dating Advice For Men ]

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How to Text a Woman and BOOST Attraction

I will show you the correct way to text a woman in making her attracted to you, and not losing interest!

There is a chance you may be doing it slightly wrong, and also this dating advice is for men who find it difficult when texting.

It is amazing how much Texting has had such an enormous impact on society let alone relationships.

Texting is a much easier way to do things that I used to find incredibly nerve-wracking as a young man, and that is ask a girl out.

My palms used to sweat, I used to shake through nerves, and I had crippling anxiety.

Nowadays you can write a simple sentence and it will be just as efficient:

“Fancy going out for a drink tonight?”

Life has become more and more convenient thanks to the expansion of technology.

I remember having to call house phones and then having to ask to speak to the parent’s daughter just to ask them out on a date.

Yep, I’m THAT old.

So now being able to sit on the toilet and get a date for that very same evening is nothing short of miraculous.

Having said that, I was probably like you reading this article:

“How the hell do I text a woman?!”

It’s a good question, because sadly there is a bit of an art to it, especially in the dating stage.

I have said this many times before but attractive women are inundated with male attention everywhere and anywhere:

  • At work
  • On the train or bus
  • At a party
  • At a club
  • At the library

It doesn’t matter where or how, men are going up to them and flirting with them desperate to get into their pants.

If you didn’t know this, then I feel sorry for you, because it’s the truth buddy.

So if a certain percentage of these chaps work their magic and this example of an attractive woman says yes to their approach, well then they gets what he believes to be the Holy Grail: “her telephone number.”

However, people give their number out nowadays ALOT easier than they used to.

Back in the day, if you would get a girls number in a club or bar, and that was a pretty sure sign she was really into you.

But now, the average woman is probably giving her number out in bars, online, at work, on the street, you name it.

If the woman finds the man who has approached her in anyway attractive and she is single, she will share her details willingly.

The reason I am telling you all this is to make you understand you are competing with a lot of men, particularly if she is a very attractive woman.

I didn’t even mention if she was on any dating apps like Tinder where she will be bombarded by the world’s most thirsty men.

So what do you do?

Let’s say you just got this hot girls number, and you have no idea what to text her.

It’s simple, we have to address the ultimate goal here, and I encourage relationships above promiscuous fun.

Life is far more meaningful than casual sex, so if it is a woman of value and class you want to be with her ideally for the long run.

So remember every attractive woman you meet is bombarded with attention everywhere she is or goes.

But this is not necessarily a negative thing, it is all about perspective.

What you want to do is stand out, but not in the way you think.

Many guys fail by being way too much of a “show off,” by doing Instagram stories of all the cool parties and places they are going to.

However I believe this works against you, women have a sixth sense to sniff out any type of insecurities, and you will come off reeking of that if you go too hard on the showing off part.

Another mistake most men make is they believe “the more compassionate I am, the more I will look like I care and am a good guy.”

Sorry bucko, most other guys feel the same, so for example texting her at the beginning stage “how much I care and am there for you,” will again not get her heart racing.

Texting to no end when you get a woman’s number is nothing short than a humongous waste of time, and also energy too.

I know how excited you feel when she replies to your funny memes or texts, or when she texts you how you are out of the blue.

But remember, what the end goal is:

To go out with her!

So my philosophy for texting is so simple, so effective and always works on the right girl:

Keep it to logistics!

Here is an example of an unsuccessful text interaction:

Guy: “Hey!”

Girl: “Hey!”

Guy: “How are you?”

Girl: “I am good, you?”

Guy: “Good, nice meeting you last night 🙂

Girl: “Yeah, me too.”

Guy: “So what are you doing today?

Girl: “Not much, you?”

Guy: “Not much either, just going to chill. What did you eat for breakfast?

Girl: “Nothing yet, I’m still hungover LOL, you?”

Guy: “Not sure yet, I’ll cook something soon….you like coffee?

Girl: “Yeah…lol…”

As you can see the guy above keeps asking question after question not getting anywhere near to the point, which is to ask her out.

This attractive woman remember is having the very same type of conversation with every other guy who is chasing her.

This is a better approach:

Guy: “Hey!”


Guy:It was great meeting you last night.

Girl:Yeah, me too.”

Guy: “Lets meet up for a drink I’m free Friday.”

Girl: “Oh, I’m busy sorry…”

Guy: “Cool,”

Guy: “But I can do Saturday?”

Guy: “Should be fine for that, see you then.”

Girl: “Ok”

Simple, direct, and confident.

Now of course the following could happen:

She could ghost you

She could make an excuse

She could say she isn’t interested

Do NOT see this as a negative, and realize that she has saved you a lot of time and energy chasing someone who would never go out with you.

I would rather be rejected straight away than played along with false hope only created by my imagination.

Women find confident men who are direct and don’t waste time very attractive.

So set yourself apart from the pack, ask the girl out!

And if she says no, follow up a week later.

Of course if she insists on conversation, don’t be rude, talk to the girl!

However, let her chumps on social media etc chase her with the same boring usual chat.

You are different, you are the guy not afraid to ask her out and meet.

You are the attractive Alpha male by being so bold and brave.

So to summarize, be direct, keep the conversations simple to logistics and get the woman out on a date with you ASAP.

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