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How To Stop Procrastinating | [ Procrastination Motivation ]

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How To Stop Procrastinating

Has it ever crossed your mind that god forbid when you die so do all your dreams and aspirations?

Yep, you read that correctly, every single goal, dream, desire, project that you have ever wanted to achieve goes with you if you do not achieve it.

Who is going to carry on your dream that YOU never decided to make a reality?

The wealthiest place in the world is actually the cemetery.

Take a look around the next time you are at one, and you will see all the hopes, dreams and ambitions people have taken with them to the grave.

I also hope what I am telling you has touched a nerve, because there is nothing worse than procrastination.

Yep, it’s a killer of dreams.

It also gets us to fail in our education, amongst other things.

Procrastination like stress is a silent killer.

We run our mouths and show off to our friends and family all the time:

“I’m writing a book!”

“I’ve started a fitness programme!”

“I’m going to become an artist!”

Then what happens, after the initial rush and motivation from the “shiny object syndrome,” all the familiar phrases seem to resurface over time:

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’m exhausted.”

“I can’t be bothered right now.”

It is quite alarming just how contagious laziness can be, but also just how dangerous it is.

I couldn’t thank my mother more for her encouraging me and my brother from a very young age to prioritize work over fun.

Most people like to play hard over work hard.

From experience let me tell you something, these people mostly amount to nothing.

They either are funded by the bank of Mom and Dad, or they got lucky in some financial endeavour which I don’t even want to know about.

I am not hating on these people, but I am saying they are a bad influence on those who are vulnerable and naïve.

The average millennial looks at their social media countless times a day, and sees a person of a similar age on a yacht or vacation in an expensive resort whilst they themselves are riding the bus in the rain feeling miserable about themselves.

What these kids do not realize is instead of actually doing work to improve their situation, they mope around and act impatient hoping for everything to fall on their lap!

I once did this as an experiment on an old personal social media account I had with a big following.

I stood next to a random Lamborghini that I saw on the street and posted a photo captioned “my new ride, living the dream!”

Much to my surprise, most of my followers were wishing me congratulations, and telling me how lucky I was!

When all I did was take a photo next to a car!

Jesus, that is worrying.

People do not have their priorities straight, they chase the fast results and the quick money.

I was like that too, it’s why I suffered from gambling addiction.

However, my best quality was I always got the work done.

Take my novel for example

I dedicated a year of my life, editing, writing, rewriting, designing and finally publishing it onto Amazon for Kindle and paperback!

Just how many people say they are going to write a novel, yet never even get past the first page.

It is because again, they are distracted and not putting the work in.

I practically killed myself to write my book, and regardless of all life’s setbacks I am proud to call myself an author.

I sometimes look at my book for inspiration, and say to myself “if I can do that, I can do anything.”

The key to conquering procrastination is so bloody simple:

Do the work NOW.

That’s it!

When I was a kid I was always coming home with a tonne of homework or projects to complete for school the next day.

However my mother being so wise drummed this into my head:

“If you finish your work straight away, you can have the rest of the evening to do whatever you want!”

My god, so simple yet so brilliant!

That is exactly what I did, I would come home and do my work, then maybe eat in between, then go back to finishing it thus freeing me up for the rest of the evening to do whatever else I wanted!

  • I could play video games
  • Watch TV
  • See my friends
  • Play football
  • Anything!

And it is all because I finished the work and it felt so much better enjoying my free time!

Sadly my classmates were not as productive.

They would come home, watch television, play video games and come 10pm they would be too tired to do their work.

So they would go into school the next day exhausted having doing a half ass job or completely forgetting to do their work.

I have applied the same ethos to my professional life.

I decided to start SCG SHOW in late 2019 and have decided to dedicate 2020 to building it up.

That means I am constantly creating content, blog posts, video, social media posts to build up the momentum.

On my YouTube channel and blog I plan to have at least 1 post or video daily.

That is 365 pieces of content – a lot I know!

But like my book, I wrote a page or 2 a day!

I made it manageable and still fulfilled my target!

It is so simple to beat procrastination because I still get to enjoy my life.

But I only enjoy myself AFTER I have done the work.

There is nothing worse than going out with friends knowing you have slacked on your important project.

You can try have a good time but it will constantly be on your mind, digging away at you that “you have work to do.”

Instead I relax, kick back and smile knowing to myself “I’ve done the work I have set out to, I can enjoy this movie, or drink or whatever!”

It’s so simple yet so misinterpreted:


You heard me, just get it done, set yourself a realistic target (not too big), and bloody stick to it!

You will live a new life if doing so, and if you want that extra motivation buy my book and put it on your desk to remind you that you can do anything!


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