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In this post I explain how to stop gambling and save money.

Gambling was destroying my life for many years, but I luckily got myself clean. You too can overcome gambling addiction, I promise you.

It’s true, I was a serious gambling addict, and it was horrible.

Absolutely gut-wrenching.

I remember the last time I gambled, walking out of the casino and I almost collapsed on the ground.

I will never forget how I started my day.

It was a Saturday, I went to central London to do a spot of shopping.

Part of living in a big City is the ability to go the West End of London, and walking around seeing the sights and sounds of everyone and everything.

So I popped onto the tube, put my headphones in and was ready to go.

On that journey which was a year ago almost to me writing this post, I remember how I felt.

I was feeling happy and grateful, so much so I wanted to buy a couple of gifts to some close friends and family, to show my adoration.

Then I got a message from a close friend, “were heading to a big party tonight, and were eating at this steak house first at 7pm, want to join?”

Yes! I thought, why wouldn’t I?

Everything was going oh so well, I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited!

But along the journey, like a bad case of PTSD, I suddenly remembered one dreadful thing about me that was making my life utterly miserable:

I was a gambler.

Since the age of 18, I had been a secret gambler, and hadn’t told a soul.

Suffering from an addiction in private, is absolutely soul destroying.

Drug addicts, and alcoholic usually have quite visible signs of the destruction they are causing themselves.

With gambling, it is only you who are facing the trials and tribulations.

People’s finances whether good or bad are private matters, and not often are they displayed for the public to cast their eyes on.

So blowing anywhere between £100 to £1000 only makes one person suffer, the gambling addict.

However on that particular train ride I summoned up the strength to promise myself I will NOT gamble, as where I was going there was so much temptation.

I was a person who gambled on it all:

  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Slot Machines
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker

I had tried it all, and I had eventually lost it all.

There is a saying that is so true, “the worst thing to happen to a gambler is to win.”

I had won thousands, and yet I had lost as much probably even more.

I know what you may be thinking, and that is where did my addiction come from?

Perhaps this was an influence:

For me I had grown up with a lot of older people, as in my grandparents played a huge influence on my life.

As a child I always saw them popping into betting shops, and going to casinos.

I assumed it just was a way to pass the time, put on some bets, and try make some money!

Then for over 10 years did I realize how dreadful an addiction it was.

I was a weird gambler as I would start and stop all the time.

I was also a fool, as I convinced myself there was a way to beat the system, a way to make money from gambling!

How stupid was I, and if anybody tells you otherwise let me make it very clear to you:


Yes you read that correctly, it is a lie, and there is no better way to put it.

You cannot beat the system

You will not beat the system

It is entirely rigged against you

And that goes for all forms of gambling, from roulette or the lottery.

So for me, gambling was like a coping mechanism, as are all addictions.

Whenever I was feeling blue, or bored I’d hop to the casino, or worse bet online.

But let’s go back to that specific train ride.

As soon as I got out from Leicester Square station, was one of my main haunts “The Hippodrome Casino.” Right next to me, a place that caused me way more misery than delight.

It was 12.30pm it was sunny, it was almost spring, and I had so much planned to do!

But I was desperate for the toilet, and sure enough I walked inside.

I hadn’t bet for almost 2 weeks prior to that fateful day.

However tragically 6 hours later, I emerged out of the casino, an entirely broken and desperate man.

It was dark, it was miserable, and I was almost completely broke.

Luckily I never bet beyond my means, but I lost a sum of money that was just so much that it hurts me to this day thinking about it again.

“Stupid idiot! How could you have done that?!”

I remember embarrassingly cancelling on my friends, and of course not buying anything as the shops were closed by that stage (I had no money), and I was just ashamed of myself.

I went home, locked myself in my room and didn’t want to come out.

I sat in pure utter darkness, disgusted with myself for doing what I had done.

This scenario was completely different to the many other times I had gambled and lost money.

However, I wasn’t sure why.

I couldn’t eat, I barely spoke to anybody, and I had lost any zest for life that I had left.

Suddenly, I hit the nail on the head, and figured out what it was that upset me so much:

In this case, I wasn’t coping with a sad moment, or bored, I had plans and gambling destroyed it for me.

The addiction took hold of my life, and wanted to completely take control.

That’s why it hurt, because I was happy, I was settled, yet somehow the destructive addiction wanted to cause me utter chaos and misery.

And I knew first-hand what a gambling addiction can do to destroy someone’s life.

What was I to do?

I wasn’t a fan of therapy.

I wasn’t going to do the 12 steps.

Instead I decided to educate myself on how to once and for all beat this ugly addiction.

I wanted to not just stop and start gambling, I wanted to NEVER gamble again.

Luckily for me I discovered this truly life changing book:

The Easy Way To Stop Gambling

This book by Allen Carr who was an addiction specialist has truly changed my life.

Since reading it, and properly putting into practice what he preaches, I have not gambled since.

I also have NO desire to either, and I am much happier since doing so.

Becoming clean of gambling addiction has done the following for me:

  • Improved my finances
  • Improved my relationships
  • Made me mentally stronger
  • Practically cured my depression
  • Made me a far happier person

In Allen’s book, he goes over how gambling has been portrayed by others as this cool thing to do, and how you are brainwashed to believe you need it.

His methods if you adopt them properly, are utterly mind-blowing and so easy to follow.

In summary he says:

  • Educate yourself to see how gambling is fixed and a lie
  • Understand you have been brainwashed
  • Realize you do not need gambling to improve your life
  • Making a quick buck is a lie, and doesn’t replace hard work
  • You are bigger than your addiction
  • Do not use will power, but rather replace the need for gambling
  • Make a vow never to gamble again – and stick to it

I am not doing it justice, the book is life changing.

I thought I would never be able to recover, but here I am living proof of being clean.

I now frequently go shopping in town around the biggest casinos, and I see my friends after and buy gifts with absolutely no desire to gamble.

I even deleted and blocked all the apps and any emails too.

If you want to be rich financially, and spiritually do yourself a favour my friend, quit gambling.

I wish you the best of luck in your self-improvements!

The Easy Way To Stop Gambling

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