What to Do to Get your Ex Back FAST! | [Make Your Ex Miss You!]

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What to Do to Get your Ex Back FAST!

Your relationship has ended for whatever reason, well I will explain how to make your ex miss you, and the right approach in getting them back!

So you lost your partner, be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife whatever.

Firstly I am sorry for what you are going through.

However break ups are one of life’s most difficult yet most important lessons.

“A breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave than risk hurting yourself trying to pick up all of the broken pieces.”

“If someone makes you miserable more than they make you happy, then it is time to let them go, no matter how much you love them.”

“If you really love someone, set them free.”

I am sure you are sick and tired of reading motivational quotes and having people hug you constantly telling you “everything is going to be ok!”

And I am sure you are also fed up of talking about the break up, and reminiscing about your past relationship, aka where it went wrong, what you could have done differently etc.

Frankly that is a massive waste of time and energy.

I’m going to assume you have been dumped, have been cheated on and your partner has left you.

Let’s quickly deal with the closure “I am sorry for what has happened to you, and rest assured there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

But what if they were the one?

What if your ex was the most incredible person, and you only saw a future with them, and them alone?

What if they were the only one to truly understand you and your weird ways?

What if they were the most perfect person to settle down with and they came from an amazing background or family?

Well I know what you want, and that is obvious because otherwise you would not be reading this post.

You want your ex back!

You hang on to the hope that there is a magic formula or answer to do so.

Well actually there is but let me ask you a question:

Why do you want your ex back?

Think about it, unless there is a legitimate reason they left you such as:

You cheated on them

You lied to them

You abused them

You were violent to them

You were emotionally immature

You were selfish

You were disrespectful

You didn’t keep your promises

You were lazy

You lacked ambition

You were not on the same path

Assuming none of the above applies to you let me ask you the question slightly differently:

Why exactly do you want to get back with your ex?

I mean if you were good to them and so on, yet however they didn’t really value you the same way why would you want them back?

Let me tell you what this does.

Asking or begging for somebody to be with you who is unsure or not feeling the same way is simply the worst thing ever when it comes to relationships.

Flaky people or people who can’t seem to act like adults when it comes to relationships are not good long term partners.

It doesn’t really matter how good the sex was, or how much you both loved Game of Thrones, the fact of the matter does not change, and that is they were not on the same page as you.

They probably didn’t want to go to that next level, you were asking for them to move in, or you were about to propose.

Or for you long term people your marriage lost its spark and amazing attraction it once had.

All relationships come to an end one way or another, I mean not to be morbid you both won’t live together, so one of you will die (god forbid not soon), and there’s no bringing them back from the dead now is there?

Let’s say you’ve begged your ex back, guess what that is going to do = cause stress and anxiety beyond belief.

You know they’ve left you before, probably at a drop of a hat too, there is no stopping them doing it again.

A leopard never changes their spots, and that applies to your ex for sure.

So there you are over the moon you begged for them back, you cried, you threatened to harm yourself and guilt tripped them back into your arms.

But you watch their every move, you become so insecure, you are completely petrified knowing “oh no, they can leave me ANY TIME!”

Because by this approach it is not the right way to restart attraction!

Frank Sinatra said it best, “the best revenge is massive success.”

If you want your ex back, the key here get on with your life.

Now I am not telling you to sit on your ass and get fat, you may do that in the early mourning period as your grieve the loss of your relationship.

However, it is important to NOT under ANY circumstance CONTACT YOUR EX.

Remain a mystery, accept what has happened and remain silent.

Giving your ex space will trigger mystery, and throughout the course of mankind, mystery has always been sexy.

So your ex despite leaving you WILL think about you:

“I wonder what they are up to…”

“I wonder what they are doing…”

“I wonder if they’ve replaced me…”

By going no contact you create that mystery and it will work in your favour, but also take this opportunity to work on your self-improvement.

Why would you want to get fat, become lazy and a recluse?

You have ONE life and it is time to make sure you do what you can to make the best out of it.

A break up is a terrific motivation to keep yourself busy by:

Starting a new hobby

Starting a new business

Starting a new fitness program

Starting a new social circle of friends

Starting a new philosophy of life

I have made the most money and become the best version of myself throughout my life after rejections and breakups.

And if and WHEN your ex does reach out to you, just be cool and chilled.

Say like “I’m doing really well, and you?” if they ask what you been up to.

You do not want to be bitter, and you do not want to rush back into a relationship straight away.

Be patient, love takes time, there is absolutely no rush at all.

And if you follow these tips I guarantee you will meet them again for a coffee or a drink and they will see and hear all the wonderful things you’ve been up to.

But remember you are not improving your life to get them back, you are doing it for yourself.

You will immediately become a more attractive person, and you will even consider your options.

I remember being sat opposite an ex that rejected me and in the time we spent apart she ending up becoming addicted to drugs, and I got into the best shape of my life!

I would not be surprised by the time you see them again that you no longer want to date them again!

There are better people who will love and respect you for how you are, and the right ones do not leave or disrespect you in any kind.

Trust me on this, you may not see it now but with time being a healer, you will get there!

Good luck!

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