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How To Be a Lone Wolf in Life | [Motivation to Walk Alone]


How to Be a Lone Wolf in Life

Having the motivation to walk alone is certainly not easy, but if mastered correctly you will certainly change your life for the better!

“Nobody enjoys the company of others as intensely as someone who usually avoids the company of others.”

It is really easy to nowadays be a sheep, and to follow all the trends, like what everybody else likes.

Ever noticed that mostly everybody shares the same type of opinions?

Especially on social media, there is a massive divide.

In the UK alone for example it’s like half the population wanted Brexit and the other 50% are dead against it.

People rarely share their opinions, or do their own thing.

I remember talking to a close family friend, who has always walked his own path.

He told me the following:

“My best friend is my wallet. It allows me to pay for things people necessarily cannot give me. I can do what I want with my money. I don’t need to do what others say. I do whatever I believe to be right and I follow through with it.”

I found that to be a strange philosophy but then I looked at everything this guy has:

  • He retired early
  • He is his own boss
  • He is a multi-millionaire
  • He has a loving family
  • He travels the world

On the flip side here is someone who is the same age as this other family friend, and he has this very different philosophy:

“You have got to have lots of friends, and always be around people. The company of people and socializing is a huge part of my life!”

Let’s look at their life in comparison and that they happen to be the same age:

  • They are in debt
  • They are always dating somebody new
  • They struggle to make decisions
  • They are always stressed
  • They live for the day, but are struggling financially

I need to make one thing very clear, being a lone wolf won’t necessarily make you a millionaire.

But it will allow you to keep one of the richest commodities you can have besides money, and that is your tranquillity.

In all my content I have always prioritized tranquillity as one of the main goals of life, because with a peaceful mind, you can think clearly and achieve some unbelievable things.

If your mind is cluttered by the B.S. and drama of everybody else around you, how can you have tranquillity?

Over the past decade 2010-2020, I have walked away from the following:

  • Narcissistic friends
  • Narcissistic girlfriends
  • Narcissistic family members
  • Narcissistic bosses
  • Toxic people in general
  • Toxic habits and addiction
  • Business partners who were not on the same page

I am not telling this to show off, but the most powerful thing one can do in order to become a lone wolf is to have the ability to walk away from what is NOT good for them.

People are like wolves and sheep.

There is always a wolf leading the pack, and the sheep that follow.

However the lone wolf is the one who is always asking the question “is this the right way?”

Asking and questioning what the masses do will set you apart from the sheep, the followers and the zombies who are just living their life on autopilot.

This is one of the worst things to do in your life.

I see it constantly, they wake up, take the bus or train to work, pretend they are doing something meaningful in their 9-5, come home miserable and tired, then binge on Netflix and go to bed exhausted only to do it all again.

They apply the same tedious nature to their social lives too.

They go to the same type of places or venues (usually one picked by somebody else because they have no voice of their own), and they drink or eat as much as they can on the weekends knowing that Monday is just around the corner.

It is no wonder people who are sheep often complain that they had a “bad year, and they can’t wait for it to be over,” come December.

They often moan about their social circles, their jobs, the usual things, whilst not realizing that they are fully in control of changing their circumstances.

But that would mean they would have to be brave, stand up for themselves, and be willing to walk the path alone for truth.

The lone wolf relies on nobody but themselves.

The lone wolf knows that people are unreliable, and on a much deeper life is.

They know there is absolutely no guarantees in anything, and life is just absolutely precious, and every single second that goes by is an opportunity potentially missed.

The lone wolf works for themselves usually, because they are confident in their ability, and know that they have exactly the same set of skills or more than their boss.

The lone wolf can recognize a toxic individual and will sacrifice their entire social life to be alone, because they value their tranquillity over the company of bad friends.

The lone wolf does not settle for anything, they are constantly pushing the boundaries, asking the bigger questions, and realizing the sky is the limit.

To become a lone wolf is very simple but difficult – you must be willing to walk your own way.

This is very hard at first, because like most humans we have been programmed to follow the system.

Go to school – go to college – get a job – get married – have kids – retire – die.

The lone wolf questions everything post school, and does not follow the trends.

College is a downright expensive investment, and in most cases is not worth taking on the potential debt.

Getting a job whilst essential in the short term makes sense, but the lone wolf wants to be their own boss, and works hard to build a business as they work.

In regards to friends, the lone wolf is very selective of who they surround themselves with.

Remember this quote; “you become who you surround yourself with on a regular basis.”

So if your friends are losers, addicts, or toxic people, do not be surprised to be picking up these traits.

When you decide to walk your own path, you WILL be greeted with abuse, ridicule and drama by all those around you.

Drown it out, do not listen because the sheep are afraid of the one who is brave enough to walk away from them.

It is just insecurity, and they are jealous that they will never display the confidence to go on their own path, do their own thing, and be comfortable in their own skin.

Good luck to you lone wolf, not that you are going to need it.  

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