SCG is a Life, Business, & Relationship Coach and helps people from all walks of life.

SCG works specifically on teaching my clients the process of healing.

The coaching session will give you further knowledge and understanding of your situation and guide you towards healing and recovery.

SCG also offers private coaching sessions to discuss topics such as relationships, marriage, personal development, dating, growing an online business and plenty more.

SCG gives each person that I work with the emotional support they need to not only heal and survive what they have been through but to also succeed in their new life.

To Book 1-1 Coaching please email me at thescgshow@gmail.com

30 MINS – $200

30 Min Phone Coaching Session

Identify Concerns & Advice

Quick Q&A (Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions)

60 MINS – $400

A 60 Minute Skype Call Private Coaching Session with SCG

Full Q & A

Complete Analysis & Action Plan

4 WEEKS – $1,500

One weekly hour phone session working on your goals and how to move forward

Weekly tailored assignments that must be completed each week.

Contact SCG with any concerns or problems you will encounter on your journey.

To Book 1 on 1 Coaching please email thescgshow@gmail.com


The content in my videos/blogs is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind or professional or legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please consult a licensed practitioner.